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Candidate Experience

Troocoo is built on a value set that everyone should be treated both equally and with the respect they deserve.

As a business, we continue to strive and challenge what ‘great’ looks like when it comes to the experience our candidates have with our people and our business.

Our dedicated candidate experience manager Megan Kemp’s sole focus is to enhance the candidate journey and experience for our candidates nationally, always striving to challenge the industry to think differently when it comes to working with candidates.

Megan’s role provides a career sounding board for our candidates. We want people to feel supported particularly those who are finding it tough in the current job market. Megan provides advice to candidates around employment and economic market trends, career and interview coaching, personal branding and helps to connect candidates with opportunities in the market. We understand the importance around people’s careers and want to ensure we are having a positive impact where we can.

Megan continues to drive the Troocoo Net Promotor Score (NPS), strategy, always looking at ways we can improve and enhance the Customer Experience (CX) for clients and candidates. For the Financial Year 2022-2023 our NPS score was +83.5, which we are proud to say is well above our industry's average.

Megan Kemp, Candidate Experience Manager

Megan is genuinely passionate about delivering an exceptional candidate experience, which is critical to lead a personalised and engaging process for our national candidate community.

Ensuring that Troocoo’s values are embedded throughout the entire recruitment process, Megan provides our candidates with authentic support and reassurance while they navigate this unique job market. Megan understands that candidates are seeking a clear, honest, and respectful hiring process.

Megan, with her rich professional journey of 17 years in the Australian HR sector, is not just well-networked but also exceptionally seasoned, excelling at delivering top-tier services.

She is adept at cultivating sincere, reliable relationships with HR and Executive talent, taking time to comprehend their unique personas, values, and core strengths to positively influence their career trajectory. Drawing from her prior experiences within HR, Learning & Development teams, and her former role as a teacher, Megan finds joy in actively supporting and guiding talent.

Known for her trustworthiness and engaging persona, Megan values authenticity and is committed to ensuring a superior candidate experience that does justice to your brand representation. Delivering exceptional service to clients and candidates alike has always been at the core of all her professional engagements.

If you would like to connect with Megan, please reach out to or call 0424 307 245.

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