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Recruitment Marketing - Crossing the Chasm

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Recruitment Marketing - Crossing the Chasm

​In such a competitive talent market, it is becoming harder and harder for employers to get their vacancies in front of potential employees. In this digital world where an ever-growing portion of the population is glued to a screen, there is an opportunity for companies to leverage the power of advanced digital marketing techniques, commonly used by consumer marketers, for their organisation’s recruitment campaigns, in order to specifically target the right talent for their business.

Advanced digital marketing techniques for recruitment activities.

Programmatic Marketing

  • The goal of any recruitment marketing campaign is to increase visibility and improve the quality of potential candidate interest. To do so, employers must engage in a variety of tactics that can help to generate impressions and turn them into leads. They must go beyond the standard job boards and social media channels to find the best talent. In order to be competitive, companies can use programmatic marketing to gain exposure across digital channels and to make sure they are reaching the right candidates in the right locations at the right time to convert views into applicants.

Dynamic Social Media Advertising

  • Dynamic social media advertising allows advertisers to target specific audiences by choosing certain interests, locations, and other attributes. This can be used to find the right candidates for open positions and reach people who may not be actively looking for a job. Dynamic social media advertising on sites like Facebook and Instagram can appear in newsfeeds, on timelines, and in user feeds. On these channels, employers can create ads that appear based on the user’s interests and reach the right candidates.

 Influencer Marketing

  • A critical part of the hiring process is finding the right candidate fit for the company culture. Influencer marketing campaigns can give a look into what the company culture is like, and the types of people that work there. This can be done through partnerships with specific influencers, or by creating internal content with employees.

 Employer Branding

  • Employer branding campaigns are an effective way for companies to promote their culture and how that benefits the world. Employer branding campaigns help companies reach candidates at critical points in the hiring cycle and can be particularly effective at nurturing talent towards a business when they are passively looking for a new opportunity. Employer branding can take many forms; from social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and website optimisation.

Employer Branding on Social Media

  • Employers can take advantage of social media channels to strengthen their employer branding efforts, such as posting on company Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn pages. However, it is important to keep in mind that job seekers are often scrolling past these posts, so it is important to keep them short, enticing and eye-catching.


The talent market is an ever-shifting landscape that is always changing. Employers need to remain nimble and make sure they are active participants in the modern hiring process. Companies need to be proactive in their recruitment strategies and make use of the latest techniques in digital marketing to get their message out and find the best talent for their organisation.