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The Elusive Search for the Procurement Engine Room

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The Elusive Search for the Procurement Engine Room

Procurement Specialists, Category Specialists, Advisors. Professionals with 5-10 years’ experience, degrees preferred. Technical specialists,  permanent workers and contractors. Salaries within  the $100,000 – 150,000 bracket. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING!! 

As Queensland emerges from the extraordinary federal election as the “state that caused the swing” we are on the surfboard and ready to ride the wave that many expect to follow. Business sentiment / expectations are on the rise and the housing market recorded its largest upturn in mortgage applications for years.

Procurement is an industry that thrives on projects, true it will always be an integral part to any business with a focus on strategic value and cost management, but a few juicy projects really make things interesting.

Already we are seeing a significant shortage within what may term as “the procurement engine room” as described above. The delivery team focussed on providing the results and value for the managers above them setting the strategic direction.

Application pools from job adverts in this area have plummeted from an average of 50+ to less than 10 and there seems to be a general reluctance to change jobs. Granted the mightiest carrot to dangle, the all-important dollar, has not yet reacted to the situation we find ourselves in, but it may be that the confidence in the market has not yet flown through to the procurement and category specialists of the region?

If you are thinking of moving but don’t feel comfortable making the leap just yet just remember, you don’t have to commit to have a confidential conversation so make sure you don’t miss out on what could be the career move you are waiting for!