Queensland is Ready to Surf the Billion Dollar Infrastructure Boom!

24 July 2018 Sean Johnson


The Queensland Government's 2018 State Infrastructure plan should be music to the ears of the business community and residents alike, aiming to roll out a total of $45.8 billion worth of Infrstructure over just four years! In excess of 38,000 jobs should be generated in accordance with the plan with Deloitte Access Economics stating that the outlook for engineering and construction in Queensland is "better than it has been for some time"

Key projects include:

Cross River Rail:

Australia Map

Multiple Motorway upgrades to the M1, Centenery and Sunshine Coast:

Highway Road

Queensland Performing Arts Centre:


Rail and Track upgrades:


Interstate migration is also on the increase againwith the report stating that Queensland is "well and truly" through the worst of the resources downturn with eye watering house priced sending "Economic Refugees" north.

Click below for the full report or reach out to us to check in on how your career can benefit from the boom: