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Lori Smith

Lori Smith

Associate Director - Executive Search

Lori is an Associate Director for Troocoo’s Executive Search Division. Over her time in the recruitment industry, Lori has developed strong connections within the Executive Candidate community. In her role, she works closely with corporate leaders to identify and secure the ideal executives to guide organisations towards their goals.

Lori's passion lies at the intersection of effective recruitment processes and exceptional candidate experiences, which she honed through her previous role as Candidate Experience Manager at Troocoo. Recognising that the recruitment process is an emotional journey, Lori consistently strived to address the question, 'What emotions do our candidates experience as they interact with us?'. This focus remains at the forefront of her approach, ensuring that Troocoo delivers an authentic, engaging, and value-adding experience to each candidate.

With a robust background spanning over a decade across Cape Town, Edinburgh, London, and New York, Lori is exceptionally adept at understanding and adapting to various business cultures and values. Her early career involved more than five years at a Big Four professional services firm, where she served as an associate in their executive search and selection practice. There, she gained a deep understanding of how to align a company's business drivers and values with their executive recruitment needs.

Lori's vast experience includes delivering end-to-end recruitment assignments with a strong focus on providing unparalleled client and candidate care. As an Associate Director for Executive Search, she continues to use her expertise and influence to refine recruitment processes and ensure candidates feel valued and understood. Lori is deeply grateful for the opportunity to play a transformative role in how candidates are treated and their overall experience throughout the recruitment process.