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Contractor FAQs

How do I get a login to the online payroll system?

Once you have confirmed an upcoming assignment, you will receive a Welcome Pack from our Contractor Experience Team which will outline your payroll username. You will also receive a New User activation email from our payroll team with prompts to set up a new password and Two Factor Authentication via SMS or an app.


Once set up, you can log in and complete your personal details, a tax file declaration, bank and superannuation information. This is also the platform you will access and submit your online timesheets each week.

When and where do I submit timesheets?

Your timesheet must be submitted online by 12pm every Monday. We suggest you set a reminder each week to avoid late submissions and missing payday. This also allows your line manager enough time to approve your timesheet before the cut-off at 5pm on Monday.


To login and submit your timesheets on the Troocoo Online Portal, you will require your username (firstname.lastname) and password.


How often will I be paid?

Our pay run is processed weekly, with the processing day on Thursday. Please note, if you are contracting with the Department of Education your pay will be paid fortnightly.


What if I miss the timesheet deadline?

You may have missed a timesheet deadline because you forgot to submit your timesheet, or your line manager hasn’t had a chance to approve your timesheet. In this case, please speak to your consultant to see what can be done.


What should I do if I have any Health & Safety concerns/identify a possible health hazard/injure myself whilst on-site?

Talk to your supervisor or the client's OHS representative and call your consultant as soon as possible. Your consultant will advise you on the best course of action to take depending on the circumstances.


What is your communication process throughout the placement?

Your consultant will be a first point of contact for any queries. In addition, we have a dedicated contractor experience team who will be another point of contact throughout the duration of your placement for any general queries you may have.


What if I am sick?

Please call your consultant as early as possible so that they can inform the client and find a replacement if necessary. Sick leave is unpaid, as it is covered by the casual loading included in your rate.


Am I entitled to annual leave?

Contractors do not have any leave accrual/entitlement as they are casual employees. Most casual employees receive a casual loading per award on their base hourly rate to compensate for this.


How do I contact payroll?

You can send all payroll related queries to


Where can I view my payslip?

You can access your payslip via Astute Payroll. These can be found under 'Pay Advices' on the left-hand side of the portal.


How do I update my personal details?

You can update your profile directly via your Astute Timesheet Portal dashboard.


I forgot my Astute Timesheet Portal password - how do I reset it?

Simply select 'Forgot Password' on the Troocoo Timesheet Portal login screen and your password will be emailed to your nominated email address. Please refer to the screen shot below.


How do I complete my timesheet?

Please complete your timesheet via your Troocoo Timesheet Portal with start & end time. Please remember to include your meal break hours.


Hourly timesheet: you must include a start time, a finish time and a break. You will need to enter each day using the drop-down boxes available.


Daily timesheet: you will need to enter a full day or a fraction of the day that is available from the drop down.


How do I complete my expenses?

All expenses must be submitted and approved via your Troocoo Timesheet Portal. For assistance on how to complete your expense claim please refer to your one of your Troocoo contacts.


Are there any fees involved?

No, Troocoo offers an entirely free service.


What benefits or perks are available to contractors?

  • Competitive rates which take into account casual loading.

  • Increased communication and check ins from the Contractor Experience Team.

  • Regular surveys and pulse checks throughout the year to constantly gather feedback.

  • Regular Contractor Events.

  • End of Financial Year & End of Year Christmas gatherings.

  • Multiple networking events/meet and greets for certain industries or divisions.

  • Speaker events for advice around contracting.

  • Troocoo run weekly payroll with online timesheet submission.


Can I request casual conversion?

Unfortunately, due to the casual nature of your role we are unable to offer casual conversion as we cannot guarantee that your position will exist in the next 12 months or that the hours of work will significantly reduce in the next 12 months.


Working from Home - Site Assessment

If you are working from home, you will need to complete the Work from Home Site Evaluation for compliance purposes. This is to ensure that your home office is safe and suitable for work. It's important to note that if the company you are assigned to permits remote work, please refer to their work from home policy or hybrid work policy to ensure that you are adhering to their regulations and requirements.


Why is the pay rate on my contract different to my payslip?

The pay rate listed on your contract is your base pay rate plus superannuation. On the other hand, your payslip is your base rate excluding superannuation.


Ending employment

If you resign prior to your intended finish date, you may have to give your employer notice. Your notice period will be outlined on your employment contract. This notice period will also apply if your employer wishes to end the employment early.


What are the different types of contracting?

On-Hire Casual Contractor

If you contract with Troocoo as an On-Hire Casual contractor we would manage all the administration tasks associated with being a contractor, including the processing of your weekly pay, tax, administer superannuation to your super fund of choice and coordinate the release of your annual payment summary from the ATO.



As an ABN contractor, you would be contracting through your own proprietary limited company. This means you need to:

  • Create your own company.

  • Register for GST.

  • Acquire Professional Indemnity Insurance (minimum $2 million) and Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million).

  • Administer Workers Compensation Insurance.

  • Administer your own Superannuation.

When will my superannuation be paid?

Super is paid at the end of the month following the month that you are paid.


How can I nominate my own superannuation fund?

Super information is held on the Astute portal, and you can edit this by logging into your profile in Astute.


Do you offer Salary Sacrifice?

Yes, you may salary sacrifice to your super fund. Please contact payroll for assistance setting this up.


Do you offer Novated Leasing?



When will my payslips be available?

Payslips are sent by email on Thursday each week. Alternatively, you can view your payslips in the Astute Payroll portal under ‘Pay Advices’ on the left-hand side.

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