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Patrick Bedford

Patrick Bedford

Candidate Manager - Technology, Data & Transformation

Patrick is a Candidate Manager within the Technology, Data & Transformation division at Troocoo.

Patrick previously worked as an intern at Troocoo in 2018-2019, where he gained a strong foundation in recruitment. After completing his studies in Business Management at the University of Newcastle in England, Patrick decided to continue his journey in recruitment with Troocoo, moving to Australia in October to pursue his passion.

During his time in the UK, Patrick gained valuable experience working across multiple industries, which allowed him to build great people and communication skills. He is particularly interested in the technology and transformation space and is determined to become an expert in this area. He believes that by offering the best insight and advice to candidates, he can help them achieve their career goals and make a positive impact on their lives.

Patrick enjoys speaking to multiple people and helping them find the perfect role that matches their skills and experience. He believes that by showing empathy and compassion, he can best understand people's needs and aspirations, which helps him provide the best possible guidance. Patrick is committed to building long-term relationships with them and working across multiple roles in the industry to help and support them in achieving their career goals.