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Veena Kousik

Veena Kousik

Delivery Manager, Technology, Data & Transformation

Veena Kousik is a Delivery Manager for Troocoo's Technology, Data & Transformation division in NSW, specializing in sourcing exceptional candidates in the Data and Strategy areas. She can handle complex recruitment requirements and implement strategic recruitment initiatives based on client values and expectations.

Veena has diverse work experience across a wide range of sectors – banking, telco, energy and utility and IT. She relocated to Sydney in 2018 and reshaped her career by working as a job coach with an NGO, guiding job seekers to choose a career based on their skills and experience. Veena is passionate about discovering people's dreams and matching them with careers that will allow them to thrive. Veena role models Troocoo’s values and beliefs to foster enduring candidate relationships and an exceptional level of candidate care.