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Megan Kemp

Megan Kemp

Candidate Experience Manager

Megan is our Candidate Experience Manager, working closely with the Human Resources and Executive Divisions at Troocoo. This role is critical in connecting with the wider HR and Executive candidate network, with a particular focus on the senior candidate community.

Having established a successful career over 17 years across the Australian HR market, Megan is a well connected and very experienced senior professional, who has a passion for delivering excellence.

She easily establishes genuine and trusted relationships with HR and Executive talent to understand who they are, what they value and what their strengths are, to have a positive impact on their future career. With a background in internal HR and L&D teams, and a

previous career as a teacher, Megan has an innate ability, and real enjoyment of proactively supporting and guiding talent through this time.

Megan has proven to be a trusted, highly engaging partner who will be honest and genuine, offering exceptional care to ensure an outstanding candidate experience when representing your brand. Providing outstanding client and candidate care has been integral to all of Megan’s past roles.