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Liam Ross

Liam Ross

Marketing Coordinator

Liam is the Marketing Coordinator at Troocoo.

Liam brings a wealth of experience from the creative industries to his role, with over three years of expertise as a photographer, content creator, copywriter and journalist. He has honed his skills in writing, marketing, and public relations, and has a passion for crafting compelling web content, visuals, and social media.

With a background in retail and customer service, Liam is driven by the human aspect of the recruitment industry. He possesses a deep enthusiasm and expertise in customer service, marketing, and communications, which he leverages to effectively promote the Troocoo brand.

He understands the importance of building strong relationships and is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Liam's diverse skill set and passion for marketing and customer service equip him with the ability to effectively promote and represent the Troocoo brand.